Proactive Anticipatory Care Multidisciplinary Team

Our Proactive Anticipatory Care (PAC) Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is a collaborative group of healthcare professionals who work together to anticipate, prevent, and manage health issues in individuals, with a focus on early intervention and holistic care.

This team typically consists of professionals from a variety of our services, as well as other professionals from other organisations we work with closely.

The goal of our Proactive Anticipatory Care MDT is:

  • to provide joined up support to patients
  • identify health risks before they become issues
  • work to prevent health issues getting worse.

What does proactive anticipatory care mean?

Proactive anticipatory care means we do not just wait for something bad to happen before we act. Instead, we are always thinking ahead and taking steps to prevent problems from occurring or getting worse.

In our Proactive Anticipatory Care MDT, it means lots of specialists working together to anticipate any health issues before they become big problems, or identifying health risks before they become critical.

Information for Professionals

We accept referrals from:

  • General Practice: GPs, ANPs, Nurses, ARRS Staff 
  • Community Services such as Community Nursing
  • Adult Social Care
  • Other specialists who are part of the PAC MDT (Mental Health Worker, OT, Geriatrician, etc.)
  • Home Visiting Service
  • Carers
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Hospital Discharge Team

Please note do not accept self-referrals. If you want to be referred, please speak to your GP Practice.

How To Refer

For primary care referrals, please refer using EMIS into the appointment book.

If you are another professional, please refer using the PAC MDT referral form. You can email to request a form, and submit completed forms via email: [email protected]

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