Our Team

The Board of Directors

Dino Pardhanani

Central Sutton
Chair of PCNs Board

As Chair of the PCNs Board, I ensure that the most important points
for consideration are covered and conduct the business of the meeting
in an orderly manner, ensuring that the agenda is adhered to and facilitating discussion from Directors, whilst keeping to the time.

Phil Jacob

Cheam and South Sutton
Chair of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee

As Chair of the FRAC Committee, I assist the Board in its duty of oversight by providing additional assurance to the Board.
The FRAC Committee is authorised by the Board to act and review any activity within these Terms of Reference and to seek any information required from any employee or director.

Laura Rodriquez Benito

Wallington PCN
Population Health Lead

My main reason for becoming a GP was to help my patients to live healthier lives but as I gained experience as a doctor in the public healthcare system, various pressures inevitably shaped my practice in a reactive and prescriptive way. Population Health is our opportunity to CHANGE our practice and address the root causes of disease more effectively by proactively adapting our local service and individual practice to our population needs. I hope it will enable healthcare professionals to establish a more meaningful practice and relationship with the patients we serve.

Clinical Directors

Dr Anu Jacob

Carshalton PCN

Dr Shazma Mawani

Cheam and South
Sutton (CASS) PCN

Dr Phil Jacobs

Cheam and South Sutton (CASS) PCN
Chair – Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FRAC)

Dr Dino Pardhanani

Central Sutton PCNChair of the Board

Dr Laura Rodriguez-Benito


Eunice Ashley

Physician Associate
Wallington PCN

Dr Farhan Rabbani

Wallington PCN

Karol Selvey

Central Sutton PCN
Vice Chair of the Clinical Governance, Quality and Safety Committee (CGQS)

Executive Team

Damian Brady

Managing Director

[email protected]
07950 056560

Jag Kumar

Head of New Business/Projects

Mark Holloway

PCNs Board and Executive Secretariat

[email protected]
020 4526 2862

Darren Blake

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]
07914 374161

Godfred Asare

Head of HR

[email protected]
07957 836412

Leah Dennis

PCN Support Lead

Andrea Davis

Head of Performance & Compliance
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