ARRs Roles

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, GPs have changed how they deliver healthcare services. Instead of having an appointment with just a Doctor or Nurse, we have expanded our team to include more healthcare professionals, who can assist with specific health problems and queries. 

A mix of healthcare professionals all working together under one roof means that there is more availability for patients to be seen. Patients will receive targeted and specific care from these health care professionals.

When contacting the surgery to book an appointment, a member of the Reception team will ask you for the reason for the appointment. Once they are aware of the reason, they will signpost your query to the most appropriate and relevant healthcare professional. The reception team will book appointments as telephone consultations by default, unless a face-to-face consultation is obviously needed or has been specifically requested by the patient.

If you don’t want to contact the surgery by phone, you can book a telephone appointment via online services. You will have to state the reason when booking an online appointment too, and this appointment may be moved so that the most appropriate healthcare professional can help you with your query. Or you might be asked to come to the surgery for a face to face consultation.

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