Cost of living support in Sutton & Warm Spaces

Our cost of living campaign aims to raise awareness of the range of support available in Sutton, as well as the ways in which residents can help others.

For more questions please call the number below, or scar the QR code to visit their website.

  • Sutton libraries are warm spaces; all Sutton libraries will be warm spaces this winter so please check the opening times for your local library to identify days or times when an alternative local warm space might be needed (e.g. evenings). If you were interested in helping, but not able to set up a warm space yourself, you could register to become a warm spaces volunteer here. These volunteers will be on hand at selected libraries to provide extra help and support for people, including hot drinks.  
  • Other warm spaces; other organisations in Sutton (e.g. churches) are also setting up warm spaces/sessions which can be found on this map so check out what might be going on nearby first.
  • Guidance from Warm welcome UK; attached is guidance from the Warm Welcome UK campaign, and if you register here you will have access to even more helpful materials
  • Register your space on the map; if you do set up a warm space in Sutton, please register it here to put it on the Warm Welcome UK map.
  • Cost of living help; here you will find loads of information about where people can access support (e.g. around energy bills, food, debt and benefits)

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